The Beginning

Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA)

When Shai was seven years old his mother took him to work with her one day during summer break. Shai was fascinated with all the technology and vibe (broadcasting and audio), and from that day on spent all of his school vacations in the IBA. Soon, many of the engineers discovered his passion. They taught him how to monitor the broadcast, mount and prepare a 1/4" tape for playback on the Ampex 350 and later, the Ampex 440 and Studer A-80. By the age of ten, Shai had logged many hours at the controls and knew this was his calling.

Audio Video Film Digitization

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Shai Drori, Owner


RECORDING ENGINEER by schooling, Shai decided to leave the studio life and devote his full attention to his personal love: Old Recordings.

Starting from one room in his apartment with one computer, two cassette decks and one Ampex ATR-100 reel to reel deck, Shai started a business that today features many obsolete recording formats, all maintained in tip top condition and ready to serve his clients. As time went by, the business grew and Shai moved to a bigger place. In order to learn more, Shai joined international groups such as the AES, IASA, and AMIA.  He read many books and, based on his existing knowledge, conducted experiments to fine tune the craft. This is an ongoing process that continues to this day. As the years passed, Shai added video capabilities and, most recently, film scanning with the world’s finest archival scanner, the Kinetta.