Israel Defence Forces Archive

Various film video, and Audio formats

3K film scans for restoration

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Israel Public Educational Television

Saving treasures since 1997

Serving archives and individuals

Israel State Archive

Aba Eban personal archive

300 cassettes and reel to reel

100 Dictabelt recordings

+40,000 audio reel tapes

Israel Broadcsting Authority



1200 audio cassettes

600 audio reels

1200 video cassettes many formats

350 films (16mm, 8mm, super 8, 35mm)


1700 Acetate records

1100 Shellac 78RPM records

750 PCM betamax cassettes

2000 audio reels

Adolf Eichmann Interrogation and Trial

Golda Meir private recordings

750 2" Quad videotapes

4000 U-matic cassettes